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Community Program and Site-Based Programs

Eligibility Requirements:

Littles must:

1.  Be age 5-16 years old;

2.  Be a resident of Park or Sweet Grass County;

3.  Want a positive role model;

4.  Be able to form a meaningful relationship with an adult.

The Process:

1. Parent(s) and/or legal guardian as well as the child must meet with the Enrollment Specialist to fill out necessary paperwork and engage in an interview process. The personal interview is conducted in order to get to know your child better so that he/she can be matched with the Big whom he/she shares the most in common.  To begin this process, complete the 2015 Youth Referral All Programs form and return it to the BBBS office at 105 South 2nd Street Livingston, MT 59047, or email it to kathym@bbbsparkcounty.org or randi@bbbsparkcounty.org.  For more information contact our Enrollment and Match Support Specialist, Kathy Martin at kathym@bbbsparkcounty.org or 222-1930.

2. Once the paperwork and interview are complete, you will be contacted as to your status in regards to acceptance.

3. Upon acceptance, Littles are automatically put on the “ready to be matched” list where they will remain until the appropriate Big is assessed. At this point, Littles are invited to super fun quarterly activities, encouraged to participate in the BBBS Summer Buddies Program and informed of any events or activities going on in conjunction with BBBS.

Responsibilities of a Little:

1.  I will have regular contact with my Big.

2.  I will let my Big know I like to see him or her.

3.  I will try new activities with my Big.

4.  I will not ask to bring my friends, brothers or sisters along on our outings.

5.  I will tell my parent about match activities in advance.

6.  I will not keep secrets about match activities from my parent or match support worker.

7.  I will be ready on time and dressed in clean clothes when my Big arrives to pick me up.

8.  I will let my Big know if my plans change and I am unable to meet at our scheduled time.

9.  I will not expect my Big to buy me gifts or take me on expensive outings.

10.  If my Big lets me call him or her at home, I will be reasonable about the time of day and how often I call.

11.  I will keep contact with my match support worker by answering phone calls and letters.

12.  If a problem develops, I will immediately talk to my match support worker and parent about it.

After School Program With Links for Learning

Big Brothers Big Sisters partners with Links for Learning through the Livingston School District.  If your child is enrolled in Links and you’re interested in having them matched in this program during their Links time, please complete the 2015 Youth Referral All Programs form and return it to our office.  Please see the instructions and the link to the form above.










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