High School Big Wins
Chamber Youth Recognition Award

Jackie Gosselin & Riley Eastman

Congratulations to Jackie Gosselin, winner of the Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce’s Youth Recognition Award!  Jackie is a Senior at Park High School and has been a high school Big for BBBS for 3 years.  She is pictured here with her Little, Riley.  She is a mature, responsible, engaged, and enthusiastic Big who genuinely has the desire to be a positive role model for a child in need.  She works part-time for Pickle Barrel, and is also enrolled in the “Writing for Publication” class at Park High (which includes both the publication of the yearbook, as well as the school newspaper).  She gives freely of her time, both in her role as a Big, and in spending a large chunk of time on evenings and weekends photographing school events for the newspaper and yearbook.  She was one of only a few high school students who was responsible for formatting the entire yearbook last year, and she took on that challenge with a smile on her face (and we can’t even imagine how much work that was for her and her peers)!  She’s not the type of student who is usually recognized for awards, and she gets uncomfortable being praised or even shown gratitude for all she does.  But we strongly believe she has given a lot to our organization, to her school, and to the community as a whole.

Jackie was born in Maine, and her family moved to Livingston 7 years ago. Throughout high school, she has been involved in a variety of extracurricular activities.  She just began her third year as a high school Big, her second year in Writing for Publication, in which she is responsible for taking photos for the school yearbook, as well as writing articles and taking photos for the school newspaper.  She is also involved in TNT this year (which stands for Truth, Nobility, and Trust).  TNT is a service organization for high school junior and senior girls, in which they plan the school’s yearly formal dance, and participate in a variety of community service project, such as helping at the food pantry and putting together Christmas baskets for needy families in the community.  Jackie was recently accepted to MSU, and plans to study Computer Science.  We are very proud of her!



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