Our Programs

Current Programs:

Community Program—This is the original BBBS Mentoring Program, which matches adults with children that could benefit from a mature companion with life experience.  It is all about one-to-one time with a Big or Bigs, and a Little.  Being a Big Couple is a great option to consider if you are married and/or have children.  It doesn’t take much to positively impact the life of a child.  Matches meet once a week for an hour or two, or longer if they only meet a couple time per month.  Activities can range from shooting hoops, cooking a meal, hiking, swimming, gardening, biking, reading, skiing, bowling or maybe just watching a movie.  The possibilities are endless!

Class Act—A “mentoring for credit” program in which BBBS-PC matches elementary students at East Side School and Sleeping Giant Middle School with Park High students.  These matches meet in the classroom four times/week.  The high school student attends a “Mentoring Class” on the fifth day, taught by BBBS staff, focusing on the benefits of mentoring, how to be a good mentor, and providing information on the issues the younger student may be facing.  While the mentors do provide some tutoring in the classroom, we at BBBS know that the actual “prevention strategy” is the strength of the friendship, and these matches are proving to be the strongest, with the best results, because of how often they meet.  Our partnerships with the schools allow us to serve a lot more kids, provide some academic encouragement and empower and support the high school students at the same time.

Lunch Buddies—Pairs Park High mentors with East Side School and Sleeping Giant Middle School students.  These matches meet twice a week over the lunch break.  The focus here is on friendship.

Mentoring at Links for Learning—Meets twice a week after school at Washington School.  High school students are matched with elementary children, with a focus on homework help, reading and some fun time.

Outcome Data for Fiscal Year 2014-2015

This data is compiled from statistics gathered from parents, volunteers, teachers and BBBS staff across all programs.  These are the outcomes:

88.3% of the children had increased self-confidence;

81.5% were better able to express their feelings;

73.9% were better able to make decisions;

73.3% had increased interests and hobbies;

44.9% had improved hygiene and appearance;

67.8% had an improved sense of the future;

63.0% were better at using community resources;

69.9% were better at using school resources;

75.4% had improved academic performance;

75.8% had a better attitude toward school;

62.0% were better prepared for school (homework);

66.8% had improved class participation;

62.9% had improved classroom behavior;

53.8% were better able to avoid delinquency;

62.8% were better able to avoid substance abuse;

60.7% were better able to avoid early parenting;

88.9% showed improved trust toward parent, teacher or mentor reporting;

57.8% had more respect for other cultures;

69.7% had an improved relationship with their family;

71.5% had improved relationships with their peers; and

77.7% had improved relationships with other adults.

We’re all thrilled with these results!  Included in these results are the 84 children we served across our programs in 2015.   Not included in the stats, but still incredibly relevant, are the 30 high school students that we empowered to be positive role models to these children and to be good citizens by giving something back to their community.



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