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To Big Brothers Big Sisters the most important thing to consider when  matching is that the mentor and child  have chemistry that will blossom into a great friendship. With this in mind we take the matching process very seriously. Below you will find the steps involved in becoming a Big in our community and school-based programs. You will also find what your responsibilities will be as a Big or Little.

Community Program

The process:

1.) Eligible Bigs must have a valid drivers license, have lived in Livingston for a minimum of three months, be financially stable and be willing to follow the guidelines of the program.

2.) Speak to the enrollment specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters by calling Kathy Martin at 222-1930 or email Kathy at kathym@bbbsparkcounty.org, at which point you will set up a meeting time that works in your schedule. Plan for the first meeting to last an hour.

3.) Attend the aforementioned meeting where the enrollment specialist conducts a personal interview in order to get to know you. This is to ensure that we match you with the Little in which you share the most in common.

4.) At the meeting you will fill out paperwork, which is required. The paperwork includes the necessary information to do a criminal background check and three reference checks. Your references will be contacted via a telephone call soon after this initial meeting.

5.) After the initial meeting, you will be contacted as to your status once the paperwork is complete, which usually takes two weeks to a month.

6.) Once you have been accepted into the Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Program as a Big Brother/Big Sister, you will immediately begin the next phase of becoming a Big; matching. Matching Big to Little is based on compatibility in the following areas: personality, common interests, and expectations (of Big, Little and parents).

Responsibilities of a Big:

1.) I understand that seeing my little is one of the most important things I can do as a Big Brother or Big Sisters, therefore I will see my little on a regular and consistent basis.

2.) I understand that the relationship between my Little and myself is primarily a one-to-one relationship; therefore I will not include other people on the majority of our outings.

3.) I understand that I will learn personal information about my little and their family, which I will keep confidential.

4.) I will not arrange overnight activities with my little for the first twelve months of the match.

5.) I will inform the parent of the match activity plans and obtain their approval.

6.) I will not engage in activities that pose a risk for injury: i.e., speeding, not using seat belts, consuming alcohol or drugs before or during our time together.

7.) I will not engage in shooting activities with my Little unless the agency has a copy of hunter’s safety documentation and I have the permission from the parent.

8.) I will not try to convert my Little to my religious views.

9.) I will not buy expensive gifts for my Little. When in doubt I will check with parent or my match support worker.

10.) I will maintain regular contact with the agency match support worker by promptly responding to calls and letters.

11.) If a problem arises between the Little’s parent and me or in my match relationship I will notify the BBBS agency immediately.

12.) If there are changes with my place of employment, residence, or telephone number, I will notify BBBS immediately.

13.) I understand that the agency may from time to time request me to come in for a review of my match relationship and I will respond promptly to this request.

14.) I understand that the agency reserves the right at any time to close the match if the participants are in any real or perceived danger to themselves or others.

15.) I understand the importance of properly ending a match relationship, therefore, I will actively participate in the termination procedure through an exit interview or other appropriate steps as requested by my match support worker.

After School Program

Adults and high school kids are both welcome to mentor children, grades k-5, who attend Links for Learning’s after school program at Washington Elementary. Contact the BBBS office and schedule an interview with our enrollment staff. Potential Bigs will complete the screening process, then be matched based on availability, personality and match preferences.

In-School Program

High school students interested in mentoring can inquire at any time, either by contacting BBBS staff at 222-1930, e-mailing Randi Groff at randi@bbbsparkcounty.org, talking to one of the staff members when you see us at school, inquiring through the academic dean, Julie Lentz or by dropping written notification of interest in our mailbox located in the main office at PHS.

However, there are basically two open enrollment periods: The second week of school (around the first week in August) and the first week of the new semester (third week in January.) During these times BBBS program staff will be in all study hall periods presenting information to the students about the program. All interested students sign up on our sign up sheets. Once that is done, interviews are conducted with all potential participants. This can take two weeks. We conduct the interviews during the study hall the students signed up in.

During the interviews, we also turn in reference forms to school staff for them to complete. All potential Bigs must be approved or they cannot participate. We do not conduct as many checks for our school program, because matches are closely supervised by BBBS program staff at all times.

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